The tanks are basically the playing character with the help of which, the players spawn when they enter the game. These are constructed in two parts named as the barrels and the hulls. When it comes to the barrel, these is the source of bullets or maybe the drones fired that are used to aim in the most effective way. When it comes to the hull, it is most vulnerable part of the tank and when the hull is being hit, the tank will tank will take damage. However, no bullets and other things can hit the barrel.

When you start as a basic tank, the first upgrade you get is at the level 15. The other upgrades you get are at the level 30 and 45.

The upgrade levels you get are awesome. Here are these –

Flank Guard – This class is tricky and you need skills to play the class. When played well, this upgrades into a very wide variety of tanks. When it comes to upgrades, it doesn’t have much immediate advantage like other initial upgrades.

Flank Guard upgrade adds a second cannon at the rear of your tank. Once you become a Flank Guard, focus on farming obstacles to get to level 30 quickly and upgrade again and at the level 30 the Flank Guard can become the twin flank, quad tank or the tri-angle.

Twin Flank – This is the upgraded version of the flank guard and it has two cannons on the both sides of the tank. It has a force that cannot be taken lightly. It also adds additional cannon on each side for a total of four. Twin flank’s concentrated fire is quite powerful and it one of the safest tanks. At the level 45, the Twin Flank becomes Triple Twin or the Octo Tank.

Sniper – One of the best choices for players who want to aim precisely and perfectly from a distance. At level 30, the Sniper can become the Assassin, Overseer or Hunter.

These are a few Hack special tanks.